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Tips to Finding Renters for Your Property

The Internet has changed the way we find renters, according to Kuba Jewgieniew. You’re no longer restricted to local advertising and surrounding area marketing. Everything from Craigslist to Trulia has broadened the ways we reach the masses. Easily connect with people on the other side of the country you’d never hear about that are planning to move to your area.

If you want to narrow the search to a specific type of renter, you can utilize city, state and neighborhood specific sites that target an unique audience. To reach the right renter, use the listing to subtly reference what you want in a renter. For example, mentioning it’s a perfect neighborhood for kids with a great school is a solid way to narrow your searches to finding a nice family.

Social media is a great outlet for reaching a wide audience of renters, according to the professionals at Realty ONE Group                . Facebook has its own marketplace for property listings. Create a Facebook page to work alongside the listing, managing posts and tracking interested parties. Do the same with a Twitter account. Make sure anyone that shows interest isn’t going to waste your time. Their Facebook and LinkedIn pages will tell you a lot more than they might be willing to reveal. For instance, if you’re not interested in tenants that party, it’s more likely you’ll discover this via content on their social profiles as opposed to that first night they start blasting music on your property.

By utilizing the Internet and social media carefully, you enhance the chances of finding a renter that fits your tastes and requirements.