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Obtaining Fast Money Online For People With Bad Credit

Maintaining good credits score for some people, it is not something easy to do. You may think it is not really a matter until you deal with kind of circumstance when you are in need of  fast cash or fast money. Many things can happen in life, and most of them are unexpected. You probably need medical treatment which is not covered by your insurance, you forget to pay certain bill and more. Conventional loan is not your option at all. First, it will take a lot of time until finally you meet with its representative, not to mention you have to deal with complex paperwork.

Second, after they know that you hold poor credit history without hesitation, they will close the chance for you to get amount of money. Online payday loan for fast cash is a reliable solution to put in mind. Recently, this kind of loan gains popularity for its easiness when it comes to accommodate people with bad credit for fast cash. The requirements are simple as you have to inform them about your actual age (only those who are 18 or above can apply for payday loan), your income, your saving account, and many more.

The process is easy and quick as well. Once you decide your lender for payday loan, you can submit the application online. And yes there is no paperwork that  you usually meet when applying for conventional loan. At the moment your lender have access to your application, they will carefully screen it. No worry if your credit rating is poor, because they will not put it into consideration, but your income. They will estimate the amount of money that they will lend to you through your income. Though, the possibility for you get the loan approved is huge, you better not expect that you can request big amount of money.

So yes, it is recommended that for the first time you request for the loan, you have to pay attention toward how much money you’ll borrow. In most cases, when you can prove your lender that you are trustworthy person, in next time you borrow from them, you can increase the money that you ‘ll borrow. Also, if you stay loyal to them. Nevertheless, they will notice you within short time. Before they finally wire the money, they will send you about information related to loan policy, rate, and many more. Ensure you not skip to read it thoroughly.

When you notify back your lender and you are okay with their policy, they directly wire the money within 24 hours or less like one or two hours. Like how easy you get the money from them, the loan payment echoes the same. They will withdraw the money back from your account on your next payday. Different  with traditional lender that will ask you with many questions about the reason why you borrow the money, online lender will not ask you anything. Even so, keep in mind to apply only payday loan when you have no other solution and it should be for emergency situation.

Fast Sale 101: Tips to Sell Your Home Quickly

When you have your eye on another property and you want to sell your home fast, you need to follow some tried and true advice for making a quick sale. Aside from working with a great realtor, the following tips will help you put your home’s best foot forward so it is likely to sell quickly.

Priced to Sell

If you have time to wait out the market, you may as well price your home toward the high end of its value range. On the other hand, if you want to move your house quickly, you’ll want to price it to sell from the get go. According to US News and World Report, “If the price is too high, many buyers and their agents will stay away, assuming you’re not serious about selling or you’re unwilling to negotiate.” Instead, list your price more closely to what you’d be willing to accept so that you can more effectively cut to the chase when it comes to price negotiation.


Small maintenance issues could be holding up a fast sale. According to Adashun Jones Real Estate, “Homes that are well-maintained or in move-in ready condition appeal to a broader range of buyers. Even simple fixes, such as new paint, cleaned carpets, or power-washed decks, can have an effect. Tighten up loose railings, ensure that all door latches function, and make your home as move-in ready as you possibly can to ensure a quicker sale.

Curb Appeal

Overgrown shrubs and unkempt trees that need serious trimming could hang up a fast sale on your home. Tweaking the front of your home is a serious investment in your property that could, indeed, lead to a quick sale. First impressions are vital when it comes to home buying. If prospective buyers find the exterior of your home distasteful, they’re going to walk into your home with that impression on their minds.

Fresh Paint

Applying fresh paint to your home isn’t a major expense, though it can be labor intensive if you do the painting yourself. Nevertheless, nothing else gives your home that uber-clean look like fresh paint. Opt for neutral shades that won’t be off-putting to prospective buyers who may not share your admiration for sunshine yellow.

Update Lighting Fixtures

If you still have some light fixtures on your porch or in your interior that date to the 1970s or 1980s, you should consider swapping these from newer models that won’t detract from the appearance of your home. Unless your fixtures are evocative of a stylish era like the Art Deco period, it makes sense to go with something simple and contemporary when it comes to lighting fixtures. If you have a ceiling fan with dated lamp shades, simply swap them out for something more modern.

Staged to Sell

By removing unnecessary furniture and clutter, you can more effectively stage your home to sell. Employ floor plans that highlight great features like large windows or a great fireplace. The more open and airy the space, the more easily your prospective buyer can explore the space and envision their life in your home.

Keep these tips in mind so you can sell your house as quickly as possible. If you have questions, your knowledgeable realtor should be able to help.

Why You Should Never List A Home “For Sale by Owner”

Why You Should Never List A Home “For Sale by Owner”Sellers sometimes believe that selling their home without the help of a real estate agent will be quick and painless, however that is not the case. If you are considering listing your home as “for sale by owner,” first, consider these reasons why you should hire a real estate agent:


Selling a home is not all about listing off the features of your house and signing on the dotted line. A lot of the work that goes into accepting an offer and closing on the home is legal paperwork, and many sellers who try to do it alone quickly become confused and agitated. Of course, many sellers take to the web to download a contract template, but then forget that there are different rules depending on the state that you live in. They also forget that it is almost impossible to find a pre-made real estate contract that covers everything you need to sell your home, since each transaction is so different in the industry. Let real estate agents handle the paperwork and the rest of the sale.

Lower sales.

People who sell their homes without the help of an agent primarily do so because they do not want to pay the agent’s commission check. They believe that doing it on their own will save them thousands, so it’s worth the extra bit of work. However, as of 2015, sellers who listed their home “for sale by owner” did not make as much as sellers who worked with an agent. The median selling price for “for sale by owner” homes was $210,000 while the median selling price for homes sold by an agent was $249,000. If you think you’re saving money by not hiring a real estate agent, think again!

More time on the market.

If you want to sell quickly, then work with an agent who has a connected network of other agents and buyers who will be interested in your home. When you work on your own, you don’t have someone who is dedicated to marketing your listing out to the community, so the house will probably sit much longer than it would if you had an agent. Sellers without an agent probably stick to yard signs and websites such as Craigslist to get their listing noticed, while real estate agents can contact buyers, list on prominent websites and also host open house events.

Extra expenses.

To sell a home without an agent, you will have to be willing to invest money. Sellers will have to pay for the home to be photographed, the signage, the MLS  listing, an attorney if needed, inspection, and any marketing efforts. It may seem wise to take on this responsibility, but the truth is that selling a home without an agent is an expensive, time-consuming and confusing task.

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Find the Best Housing Place

We know that house is such a primary need for everyone. When we have a house, we have a place for being back after we have finished with our job. When we have a house, we have the place that we can spend the time with our beloved family. Our family live in a house and when we have the house we can gather with them. Do you want to feel the happiness with your family, right? That is why in this case, we need to make sure that we can prepare for the best living space ever.

When you are married and you start your new life, you and your spouse need to find a house. Finding a house is not such a simple thing to consider. There are many kinds of aspects that we should consider such as for the location, the price, and so on. But since a house is so important, no matter what happened we need to find a house. Maybe Hunt Midwest can be such a perfect solution for your need.

Do you know Hunt Midwest before? This is the real estate developer that will help you to get the best living space for your need. They will offer you with some solution for the home need. So, if nowadays you are still in the progress of looking for a house, contacting them maybe can be such a good option to choose. They will provide you with some alternatives of the house. You will not need to be worried any longer since what you need will be accomplished well. What you need to do is choosing which one of the house based on your budget and your need too. Finding a house is not such a difficult thing to do right now. Good luck to choose one of the best house for you.

Power-Up Your Property Management Skills

A pair of hands holding a small house.  Real estate or insurance concept.

A pair of hands holding a small house. Real estate or insurance concept.

“Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius…and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction.” – E.F. Schumacher

This is the season of year that all states with the exception of Arizona “spring forward” into Daylight Savings Time. It’s a favorable time to hone your business abilities and practices.

As the fundamental moving months approach your work burden will undoubtedly increment. Occupants migrating, proprietors with inquiries, more upkeep issues are only three of the regular difficulties you’ll experience.

To be very much arranged to effectively handle whatever comes your direction I have some powerful recommendations that will have a major effect. You’ll work more astute, spare time and have better results.

Start by expanding your insight about how to function with and coexist with the general population in your reality. Whether you read printed versions or get your insight on the web, sharpen those relationship building abilities now!

Begin with a book about how to successfully manage troublesome individuals. Here’s unified with a long title which addresses the difficulties which everybody faces in life.

“Adapting To Difficult People: The Proven-Effective Battle Plan That Has Helped Millions Deal with the Troublemakers in Their Lives at Home and at Work” by Richard M. Bramson, is a decent wellspring of data.

“Supervisors, companions, relatives, they’ve made your life hellfire — as of recently! Taking into account fourteen years of examination and perception, Dr. Robert Bramson’s demonstrated successful procedures are ensured to help you right the parity and assume responsibility of your life.” Property directors merit and need these abilities!

I additionally prescribe you discover a duplicate of “DK Essential Managers: Working with Difficult People” by DK Publishing. It is a book about arranging through listening and the specialty of comprehension.

“Working with Difficult People gives you the apparatuses and systems to speak with [challenging people]. Take in the specialty of persistence to trade off and arrange to get what you need.”

In the “Working Smarter” class I have two other imperative suggestions. To start with, utilize the best innovation accessible today to eliminate printed material while sparing priceless time.

Purchase the best cell phones you can bear. Fuse industry-particular programming programs that enable you to take your innovation administration framework with you wherever you go.

At that point “cost” the expenses of this innovation munititions stockpile as Schedule C business conclusions. Converse with your assessment guide before April fifteenth about approaches to spare cash while being more expense canny.

On the off chance that qualified likewise recollect to make your IRA or SEP-IRA commitments before the due date. In the event that you don’t have sufficient energy to be assessment shrewd then you likely need to control up your own time administration.

Time effectiveness is a crucial life-ability. One approach to deal with your time all the more effectively is to designate. Have a collaborator or contract a contractual worker to make a greater amount of your standard telephone calls, set arrangements and so forth.

Being a sharp delegator liberates you to center your consideration on what you specialize in. In some cases it’s difficult to relinquish certain schedules like investing a lot of energy filtering through messages or other correspondence.

Try not to worry, no second thoughts, simply turn those sorts of errands over to others. Your property administration abilities need to start things out on the business side of your life. Utilize the time you spare to enhance them capably!

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Launch your business at the best location with the help of Retail Solutions Advisors

Deciding to go into business for yourself is a big deal – a huge step for your life and livelihood. This applies no matter what business you choose, but there are definitely statistics that show restaurants are the most challenging to make a go of in the business world. You have all the same headaches of any business, but on top of that you have food service demands and inspections and regulations that can turn you gray-headed, or make you pull all your hair out and be done with it. Either one will work when you hit that frustration level.


While it can also be totally rewarding to see people eating and enjoying the food you have prepared, getting to that point where you can put edibles on the table is a long, long journey. And it starts with the right place. That “just right” location that will bring you the customers you need to be operating in the black within the magic 5 years for new restaurants. And just as you might imagine, finding that perfect spot is just as challenging as anything else you might have to do as you move forward. You’ll likely be involved in extensive changes to the space unless it was formerly a restaurant – even then you might have to make significant changes depending on what you will be doing vs. What happened in the space before.

So take off your chef’s hat or front of the house manager’s hat, and put on your commercial real estate hat – get to work. Do the investigating, plug in the metrics, analyze the results and come up with the right place for you to open. And right there – you’re stuck. Because commercial real estate isn’t what you do – you do food. So really, your first task is to find the best commercial real estate company available to help you do the work that you have no expertise in. When you do that, you are doing yourself and your fledgling restaurant the biggest favor ever. Right away, the pressure’s off. You don’t have to run around town and try to figure out where the best place is. You have a partner who can do that – who does do that every day because that is what they do.

Anywhere in Florida and across the Southeastern United States, the partner you want in this enterprise is Retail Solutions Advisors. With a team of professionals who bring over a century’s worth of experience and expertise to your side, Retail Solutions Advisors has listings ready to go and are plugged in to every opportunity that you could want or need to see. You get to make a decision based on their number crunching rather than shooting in the dark and hoping to hit the mark.

Retail Solutions Advisors goes right to work for you, finding the perfect restaurant space for lease, and keeps working on your behalf all the way through lease negotiations and getting you settled into your new space. You can take it from there – doing what you do best.

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Fire is one of the most hazardous things in the world that if used improperly leads to serious damages and destruction. Over the centuries of fighting and dealing with fire people invented many ways of protecting themselves from it. Today all these ways are called fire protection systems which include well-known fire alarm systems, various equipment such as blankets or extinguishers, and many other fire protection items that are used in every house today. In this article we will talk about the fire protection systems in general and the reasons why you actually need to install such a system in your commercial or residential building.

Let’s pretend that you have already installed a fire protection system, which is undoubtedly great news, but this is not the end. In order to make sure that your fire protection systems works efficiently and that it will save your life if needed, you need to regularly inspect, test and tag it according to the latest rules and codes of the area you live in.

Apart from traditional fire protection systems today it becomes more and more popular using special barrier systems that protect some surfaces and parts of your building if not from fire then simplify the evacuation procedure in case of any emergency.

Below we prepared several points why professional maintenance, which includes inspections, testings and tagging, is so important in contemporary world and what benefits you can get from getting your equipment tested.

–       If you make your equipment tested on a regular basis, you ensure that all fire protection systems and pieces of your equipment operate in the proper way in any emergency situation.

–       Regular check also significantly limit the extent of a loss in case of a fire in the building. If you choose cheaper and so weaker fire inspection program you basically leave yourself vulnerable to any crippling loss incident.

–       If your fire protection system is checked regularly it complies with industry best practices.

–       Proper maintenance of a fire protection system means keeping it in the working order which in the end leads to much less fire/property loss history intact. In case you decided to sell you property it will create competitive and smooth property insurance renewals.

–       With proper inspections your system will comply with all government legislated fire codes; all kinds of federal, state, provincial and of course city fire codes. This compliance means that your system works properly and so it is efficient and up-to-date.

–     Add flow meters to anything that has gas on it such as a grill or gas stove top. This way you will be able to monitor the gas and it can let you know if the gas is on and you might not be aware.

It can help keep fires from happening.

As you can see from the information above, if you follow even some basics of the fire protection systems maintenance, you can significantly increase its performance and so raise the level of your house protection.

Van Perry operates as a blogger for a line of Internet content networks (comprising companies like company dealing with fire suppression systems), who sheds light on a mix of fire safety subjects and anything else related. A tireless traveler of Internet community and an influential figure in anything noteworthy for the fire safety.

Buying and Selling Home in a Balanced Market

Over the last several years most buyers and sellers have dealt with either a buyer’s or seller’s market. A buyer’s market is what the market is called when there are more sellers than buyers, so the listings take longer to sell and buyers can really shop around until they find exactly what they have been looking for. A seller’s market occurs when there are few homes for sale and buyers have a lot of competition for homes. For the first time in a long time, the market is shifting toward a balanced market, where it favors neither buyers nor sellers. When the market is more balanced buyers and sellers need to approach the buying and selling of real estate a bit differently.

Great Tips for Those Buying and Selling in a Balanced Market

Most of the time, those that are selling their home can afford to buy a new home before they sell their old home. In a balanced market this is a very risky move because you may be able to find a home that you like before you are able to sell your home. A balanced market often causes homes to sit on the market for a bit longer, so you should be sure that you can afford to have the home sit on the market for a few months before it sells. When the market is balanced you also cannot count on the selling price of your home, so buying a new home before you sell can leave you in a bad place if you don’t have savings to fall back on.

On that note, it’s important not to count on a specific selling price in a balanced market. Because homes sometimes take a bit longer to sell, it’s important to be open about the selling price of your home if you want it to sell. Buyers are often more picky, so you may have to drop the price of your home if you want it to sell quickly. If you count on the selling price of your first home when you buy your second, you can end up in some serious trouble. For this reason, it is often best to put off buying a new home until you sell your current home.

Another option when you are selling and looking to buy at the same time is make a new buy contingent on the first home selling. This can be a risky move, but if your offer is good many sellers will accept the conditions of your offer. Your Realtor can write up the offer so that you have six months to sell your home before you close on the new home. This will allow you some time to attempt to sell your current home before you officially get in over your head with a new home. Again, it’s risky to put this into your offer, but if you are careful it can work for you.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that in a balanced market it is risky to buy before you sell. Depending on your specific market it can take months to a year to sell a home, so it’s best to wait it out. A good tactic that many people use in a balanced market is to sell your current home first. This will give you plenty of time to decide what sort of home you want, so that you aren’t rushing through the home selection process. By the time your home sells you will know exactly what you want and you can go for it. If it happens that your home sells really quickly in the balanced market, that’s okay! An interim rental will cost you very little and will allow you to sell and move out of your first home, but continue to keep looking for that perfect home to buy. You will also know exactly how much money you have to put into your new home if you sell first, so you can buy a new home with confidence.

Another option is to sell your home, but allow 30 or even 60 days to close on it so you can take that time to either find a decent rental or find something to buy without rushing. Long closes are often best for all parties, so don’t be afraid to ask for a long close to give you and your family time to decide where you are going from here.

Selling first just makes the most sense. Because you don’t know how long your home will take to sell in a balanced market and you cannot determine how much it will sell for, it is just the safest route to take. If you are a risk taker, than you don’t have to go this route, but most people find that the sell first philosophy works better in the balanced market.

Choosing the Right Home – A Home Inspectors Perspective

I’ve been a full time home inspector now for over 16 years and I’m still surprised by how often people make preventable mistakes when choosing a potential home to buy. The purpose of this article is to give potential homebuyers some ideas and guidelines to evaluate potential homes. Hopefully we can prevent some unpleasant surprises during your home inspection.

This in no way will replace a professional home inspection, but choosing the correct home from the start can save a lot of time, money and aggravation. Too many times I’ve inspected homes with major defects that could have been visible to even the untrained eye. What we’ll do here is cover some of the basics of evaluating the home from a structural and mechanical perspective. I want to stress again – this will NOT replace a professional home inspection, but may prevent you from entering into a purchase agreement on the wrong home.

Now I am not saying that a home that is less than perfect (aren’t they all?) cannot remain a candidate. It can, but having all the information you can gather up front can help you in your home buying decision. For example, let’s say you’ve narrowed it down to 2 homes. They are the same price, size, quality, age and neighborhood. Both homes are 18 years old. One has a new air conditioner, roof and water heater. The other has original everything. Which one is the best buy? I know the answer is obvious here on paper, but you’d be surprised how often home buyers never look at it from that perspective. We’ll attempt to change that here.

After you’ve chosen the potential school districts and neighborhoods, it’s time to start narrowing down the homes. This is a layman’s version of the process a good home inspector uses. It should help you narrow your decision down.

First we want to walk around the exterior twice. Once up close, then the second time farther away. The first walk around we will be looking for things like wood rot, unusual cracks in the exterior or anything out of the ordinary. Look closely at the windows and doors, roof overhang, gutters, etc. Look for water stains and damage on the soffit overhang. This often indicates roof leakage, especially with tile roofs.

On the second trip around the exterior we want to be far enough away to get a good look at the big picture. Does the home sit up high, or down low? Homes that sit high are ALWAYS preferable and the ground should slope away from the home. (I once did a home that was literally in the bottom of a deep bowl that extended ¼ mile in every direction. All water drained towards it which caused major water issues that were not practically correctable. The buyer had no choice but to walk away from the deal.) Look at the home’s roof line. Look for framing sags, look for shingles that curl or look worn. Look at the walls and make sure they are plumb and square. Take in the entire home scanning left to right, top to bottom. Look at the condition of the wall cladding and the entire exterior.

Next we’ll look at the mechanicals.

We’re not going to get too technical here, we just want to look at the general age and condition. The HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) system is one of the biggest concerns here. We’ll start with the air conditioner. They can usually be dated by looking at the serial number. This can usually be found on a metal plate fastened somewhere on the AC unit. They are usually easy to find, but on some Bryant/Carrier and other models you may have to get down on your hands and knees. Generally speaking the 3rd and 4th (sometimes the 2nd and 3rd) digits of the serial number are the year manufactured. With American Standard and Trane they have a place in the upper right corner of the rating plate that says “manufacture date”. It would be nice if all manufactures were like this. The information plates some manufacturers use are a typed label and they only last a year or two. If that’s the case, you won’t get any information off of it.

Air conditioners generally have a lifespan of 12 to 15 years. I know opinions vary widely on this, but I feel that’s a pretty accurate consensus. I’ve personally seen them last well over 25 years, but this is not the norm. You will want to turn on the AC and hear it run. Listen for any unusual noises. On the inside, just check for cool air coming from all registers. Your Home Inspector should do a more thorough check later. For now just note its age and condition. You should be aware that new efficiency standards came into effect January 2006 so the cost of replacement AC units will be going up significantly.

Now let’s look at the furnace/air handler. I recommend you observe it without opening anything on it. Leave that up to your home inspector. Look at its general condition and try to judge the age. Electric furnaces are commonly called air handlers, especially in warmer climates like Florida. Again, don’t open it, just look it over and judge its general appearance. Does it appear neglected, or well maintained?

Water heaters You can generally date water heaters the same way you date AC units. Look at the serial number on the rating plate and determine its age. With most brands it’s pretty easy to figure out, the major exception being the Bradford-White brand. Depending on a number of factors such as water hardness, water heaters will generally last from 8 to 12 years. Sometimes longer, but that’s a pretty accurate range. Fortunately a water heater will not break the bank when you need to replace it.

Kitchen The kitchen is fairly easy. Give a good look at the appliances and cabinets. Operate all doors and drawers, just be careful in case a door comes off in your hand. (Hey, it happens.) Operate the disposal and run water in the sink. Note the age and condition of the appliances. Your home inspector should to a more thorough inspection later.

Plumbing Run water in all the drains, flush the toilets with the seat lid open so you can observe the water flow. If there is a septic system you may want to run water for several minutes then check over the septic field for backup or a foul smell. Either could indicate a serious problem with the septic system. A serious note of caution here! Always watch drains closely when running water! I’ve never personally had a drain overflow, but I know of plenty of home inspectors that have.

Interiors Nothing complicated here. Operate doors and windows, look over walls and floors. If tile floors are present, look for cracked tiles and grout. Minor cracking is usually acceptable, major cracking or offset cracks will need further evaluation. Look over the ceilings for water stains. An important hint: Bring a flashlight and look at closet ceilings. Homeowners often forget to cover up water stains in closets.

Electrical Don’t get in over your head here. We simply want to operate all lights, and look at the main panel – NEVER remove the cover, simply open the door on its front. (Some still call the main panel a “fuse box”.) What size is the main breaker/disconnect? (It is often not inside the main panel, but near the electrical meter.) The most common sizes are 100, 150 and 200 amps. This will be printed on the main disconnect itself and tells you the size of your electrical service. I still see some older homes with 60 amp “fuse boxes”. If that is the case we need to budget about $2,000 for an upgrade.

Following these instructions will increase your odds of writing an offer on a home without major disappointments. After the offer is accepted by both sides, now you have to find a good home inspector.

A word to the wise on choosing a home inspector. As most any expert will tell you, check out a home inspector’s credentials closely. In many states (including Florida, my home state) home inspectors are not licensed or regulated in any meaningful way. MOST home inspector “certifications” out there are questionable, if not outright scams. They line the pockets of the certification mills and mislead consumers into a false sense of a home inspector’s competency. It’s truly very sad and one of these organizations is rather large.

Most attorneys and real estate experts will advise you to only hire an inspector that is a member of ASHI ( There are also some state organizations that are very reputable. In Florida there’s FABI ( in California there’s CREIA ( and Texas there’s TAREI ( One other national organization worth noting is NAHI ( Although their membership requirements are somewhat looser than ASHI’s it still is a quality organization worthy of consideration. Although there are more, those are the major organizations that are legitimate. When shopping for a home inspector, I strongly advise you accept nothing less than one of the best. Never take an inspector’s word on their membership claims. False claims of ASHI membership are extremely common. Always check it out on the organization’s web site listed above.

Bruce Lunsford is a Home Inspector based in the Naples, Fort Myers area of Florida. He has an engineering degree and has been a full time home inspector for over 16 years. He is a past statewide ASHI Chapter president and a member of both ASHI and FABI.
Able Home Inspection of Naples, Fort Myers

Copyright 2006, Bruce Lunsford. This article must be used in its entirety without modifications. Author must receive proper credit for writing it.

Vacation Homes Are Becoming A Reality For More Homeowners

Whether it’s a lakefront cottage or a log cabin in the woods, a vacation home often seems to be a dream that only the wealthy can afford. But these days, you don’t have to be a millionaire to own one.

A nationwide survey shows the median household income of second-home owners is $46,500. With today’s continued low interest rates, the tax advantages a second home can bring, and a wide selection of areas experiencing solid home price appreciation, this is an excellent time to consider purchasing a second home as an investment – and a great getaway place.

When searching for your second home, remember to investigate the area thoroughly. Ask a Realtor® and the local chamber of commerce to provide information packets, maps and brochures. Take time to visit the area several times – a few months prior to and during its peak season(s). Are the crowds unbearable? Is the weather unpredictable?

Speak with a local Realtor regarding current and past home prices. Knowing the area’s sales history will help determine the market value of the homes and effectively predict their appreciation potential.

Once you’ve settled on a community, work with a Realtor and lending institution to determine how much home you can afford. Drive around the town and its neighborhoods. Experience the day-to-day activity around potential properties. Keep in mind you may decide to retire to the area one day. Will the property serve two purposes – that of vacation and retirement home? More and more Americans are purchasing vacation properties in areas where they plan to eventually retire.

Remember, vacation homes remain a good investment and provide substantial deductions on yearly tax forms if they meet certain criteria. As the laws are ever-changing, complex and detailed, consult your real estate agent, who will usually work with a tax attorney or certified accountant, to calculate the tax benefits of owning a second home.

Relaxing in your own home in that dream vacation spot is not out of your reach. More and more Americans are realizing that owning a vacation home is do-able – not to mention a good investment and a peaceful retreat for years to come.